“Amy and Sophia” received ” Best Welsh Feature” award!

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Director Adam Lipsius and Writer/Actress Emma Raine Walker with “Best Welsh Feature” award at Cardiff International Festival

22853000_1457842007662730_8254538024296644150_n “Amy and Sophia,”  the film I worked on recently, had its premiere at the Cardiff International Film Festival and received  “Best Welsh Feature” award!

The next screening is  at the Denver Film Festival


It’s been a long time. I decided to upload my old animation to this blog from my youtube channel

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I worked on several paintings for an art show….on a TV show:)  The most recent episode of “Grimm” (Tarantella) opens at a gallery, and we created some art for it…

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Working on  GRIMM!


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Details from the faux concrete wall I painted for a commercial project.


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I just painted this cauldron for 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle. Here is how it looked before: and after:

Matte Painting

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I made this matte painting in Photoshop. Camera move, smoke, clouds and fog are animated in AfterEffects.